I am TJ and I am a Bible junkie.  (Hi, TJ).   Seriously, I am hoping you will join me in exploring the things God thought were so important that He had them written down.  Warning:  I have lots of questions about the things I read.  I also enjoy weird side trips.  I will let you know what chapter I am in, if you want to work alongside me.  But you can also start at the beginning or go to your favorite part (this study is done in chronological order).  You can opt just to read the Bible verses in each segment.  You can glance at my notes for the section.  You can also look at the Biblehead references if you want to know what really smart people think about the section.  I will sometimes attach artwork or other images connected to that section.  You can pick and choose what is helpful to you.  And if you have a thought, you can share it with me.  I will look at it the next time I get to that section and I might add it online to help others grow.  I hope to eventually add a book mark so that you can see where I am in the Bible.  Techno goals!

What order is this even in???

I am delightfully OCD and one Bible struggle I have is in the order of the books.  I prefer to read through the Bible chronologically to give context and a story flow to the material.  I hate reading about David's death, for example and then reading stuff he wrote months later.  I want to read his poems as he writes them to give them context.  

“So, she likes a weird order,” you reflect, “what is the normal order that good Christians who make Bibles prefer?”  Great question (I can tell we are going to get along well!) because the answer is just so strange.  Not all Bibles have the same order despite the song you learned in Sunday School.  But protestant Bibles are the ones for which we sing.  Protestant scholars went back to the Hebrew roots of the Bible and based their collection of books on what they found.  They then put the books in this order:

OT (Old Testament)

Books of Law

Books of Poetry

Books of History

Major Prophets

Minor Prophets (these are by length of the writing)

NT (you guessed it, New Testament)





Soooooo, this is organization by category.  I get that, sort of, but it requires more work for the reader to understand where we are in the story.  Try chronological order with me and see what you think.  You might like it.  The right order is the order that helps you understand the material.  

I bought the Once a Day Bible for this purpose, but the book itself has micro-font and see through pages.  Not a big fan.  There are online lists of book orders as well.  I will let you know what I am reading in each scripture snapshot.  Each will take about 30 minute or until God speaks to you.   Stop and listen when He does, because that is much more important than getting done with the Snapshot.  

I honestly love to look at different Bible versions to expand my understanding of a verse.  You may have a favorite.  We are struggling with a language barrier here.  Some translations go word for word, some focus on thoughts and others straight up paraphrase to help us understand.  The best version is the one you will read.  So, pick that one.  

I start with NIV (a thought for thought translation, but I have heard it called “Nearly Inspired Version”). I also think NASB (word for word) is good.  (Right now I am mentally singing the YMCA song with NASB substituted lettering).   Bottom line:  read your Bible, no matter what name brand it is.  

To easily leap from version to version, go to:


For more information on this exciting opportunity for bickering over brands, please see: https://faithfoundedonfact.com/the-5-most-accurate-bible-translations/


Biblehead - any Christian who is smarter than me

NT - New Testament

OT - Old Testament

I am sorry, but I am not an apologist.

We are not apologists or Greek/Hebrew reading Bible scholars.  We like to hear what those smart people (or Bibleheads as we call them) think.  But we are normal people who love Jesus and want to learn more.  This study is about half-way between beginner studies (Veggie Tales and felt board stories) and advanced studies (Francis of Assisi or Thomas Aquinas).  If that is where you fall, then this is a great fit for you!