Wait, where is the donate button?  

We don't have one.  We want you to give us time and friendship.  There is also no button for that because it is harder to give than money.  

I Am offended!

Sorry!  It was bound to happen.  First, the Bible itself can be offensive.  Lots of weird people, blood, sex and sin talk is in there.  Second, we can be offensive because there is something to offend everyone in complete honesty.  We are being transparent in our fears, doubts and questions.  We also have weird senses of humor and that can offend people who take things completely seriously.  We are serious about God – but that is about it.  Everything else is on the table and we like to have fun as we learn.  If you get offended, please climb into your prayer closet and sing Good, Good Father until the feeling passes.  If you need to send a chili pepper love-gram email to us after that, then be gentle.  And pray for us.  We are growing as we go.

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