So, what is "no filter?"

If you are smart enough to find us here at Soul Selfie on the interwebs, curious enough to have read this far, then maybe, just maybe, you are brave enough to go unfiltered while you are here. Filters can be fun and entertaining and even helpful on occasion, but when it's time to really have a look at what's going on with yourself...examining the real you is the ONLY true way to make the necessary changes you desire.

Taking a soul selfie with us is no different. We don't need to see a perfected version of you, nor do we want to! When we see your soul's reflection (and ours too) we want to see Jesus. And in order to do that, we need to be Unfiltered. With ourselves. With each other.

So, if you are brave enough join me in No Filter, then please accept my invitation. Together we will sort through the flaws, imperfections and questions of your soul. Questions about how to live your life more abundantly? About how to stop bickering with your spouse? About how to train your child up biblically? About how to make the perfect quiche? Maybe you just want to share a comment, revelation or question that has been on your mind and in your heart with other sisters-in-Christ. Then let's do it. Unfiltered. Together.

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